It’s time for Christmas Cookies


Fine European cookies
Fine European cookies

In  Central Europe is it traditional to make cookies to celebrate the Christmas Season. I have been baking these cookies for more than 30 years using recipes that my grandmother and other bakers have passed on to me.

Every cookie is hand crafted from decorative Czech molds or by hand.  My favorite cookie is the Vanilla Nut Curve, these are perfect with a cup of tea or coffee. I also make an assortment of Linzer Tarts filled Raspberry Preserves, Shortbread, Coconut Cookies, Chocolate Nuts and Spice Cookies.

In today’s society, the holidays have become very hectic and people don’t have time to spend baking homemade cookies, cakes and pastries. So I have been making them for my friends, family and customers for many years. I have started to sell my cookies by the pound.

Don’t be worried about calling me if you want more information or to place an order.


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